#RSTORCAS Notes from day 1

Today was the first day or our RST class on Orcas Island.

At the meta level, I thought that day 1 of RST was the closest-to-PSL/AYE but testing focused event that I have been a part of. There were multiple experiential activities in a  challenging yet supportive environment. Probably more on the challenging aspect than AYE but appropriate for an audience of testers.

Specific topcs covered today were

  • The goals of RST (apparently, there is a video coming on this) and what it isn’t
  • The relationship between tacit and explicit knowledge, skills and heuristics
  • Things to do before explicitly solving the immeidate testing problem
  • Questioning what you are being asked to do
  • Professionalism and why missing a bug isn’t the end of the world
  • Models

I definitely got information and experiences that I can take back with me. I’m anxious to see what the next two days bring.


One thought on “#RSTORCAS Notes from day 1

  1. Anurag

    HI Ronald,

    Please keep posted info about RST classes on your Blog that your are attending.
    Will be very helpful for us.



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