Health Status

About a month ago, I wrote a post about my first checkup in many years. I wanted to quickly talk about what has happened in that realm in the past month.

A few days after that post I took some blood tests whose results surprised my doctor. He expected me to have metabolic syndrome. It turns out that isn’t my problem. In short, I have three significant issues: low vitamin D levels, inflammation, and screwed up hormone levels. I am staying on the program and I’m taking supplements to fix the problems and I’ve made good progress: I’m down 25 pounds and my blood pressure is normal (this morning it was 116/74). The diet part of the program has just a couple of rules: no grains and drastically cut down on sugar. I also found out that I feel significantly better if I don’t eat red meat. Overall, I feel a lot better since I started the program. I think I’ve found a healthy lifestyle plan that’s really good for me.


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