I must really love Kindle

  • Yesterday, my Kindle DX wouldn’t connect to wireless. No amount of coaxing would turn it on. Finally as a last resort, I reset to factory defaults. Then wireless started working again. The only problem was that I had over 100 books loaded into my DX and now they had to all be loaded again. Then there’s the Pragmatic Programmers books that I have to connect to my PC and manually copy to the DX…
  • Before I could start loading books into the Kindle I had to re-register it. I tried three times and in all cases, after entering my name and password the screen came back and said it wasn’t registered. Finally I went on line and de-registered, came back to the device, registered and it worked.
  • This morning I wanted to read a book on one of my PCs that I had deregistered the Kindle reading app from. When I launched the app, it helpfully reminded me that this instance of the app was deregistered and offered me a form to register. I entered my Kindle account information and the application crashed with a null pointer reference in the C++ runtime library.
  • The DX that I used day to day is my second Kindle DX. The first one is sitting in my closet because one direction of the 5-way switch doesn’t work. I paid for both Kindle DXs. When I called Amazon asking if there was some way to get the 5-way switch on my first Kindle DX fixed they said to not worry, they would ship me a new device. It never showed up.
  • When I’m out and about and have some free time I like to read books on my Samsung Focus (Windows Phone 7). I used to have an iPhone and read Kindle books on that. The iPhone version displayed the time inside the app. That was very helpful when I knew that I had to be someplace at a certain time – I didn’t have to leave the app to know what time it is (I don’t like to wear a watch). The Windows Phone 7 version of the Kindle reading app doesn’t show the time. I have to exit the app to check the time on my Windows Phone. Reloading the Kindle app on my phone takes time and really disrupts the reading experience.
  • Sometimes when reading some Kindle books, there is obviously some text missing between pages. If I re-orient the device, which I guess re-flows the text, and page back and forth I can then see the missing text. Another disruption to the reading experience.

Despite all these annoying issues I still use my Kindles every day. I love them for so many other reasons. I think it’s the best way to deal with books in the 21st century. Still, I sometimes wish they didn’t have all these issues…


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