Testing Talks on the Eastside

I gotta say, if you are a software tester in the Bellevue/Redmond area of Washington state you should know about a couple of monthly software test talks. First, there’s SASQAG. This one has been around a while (years) and they usually have a great monthly talk. A newcomer on the scene is the Seattle Software Test Talk meetup group. They’ve had about five of them so far and all the ones that I’ve attended have had great speakers. Kudos to the folks getting speakers for these meetings.

This week those two organizations joined forces to host a talk by James Whittaker on the future of testing. This was a great talk and much less sensational than the one he did for QASIG a few months ago. I didn’t attend that one but watched it on UStream. Maybe it was the fact that he had a beer in his hand for that presentation but it seemed to be more about making controversial statement about how folks shouldn’t be identifying with the testing profession. In this week’s talk, he kind of made a similar point but he explained it more. And in a way that I could agree with for certain contexts of testing. He did make a point to one of the Boeing guys in the audience that what he said didn’t apply to them. And software that runs nuclear plants.

So it really comes back to doing what is most effective for your particular environment and situation. That’s something that I can get behind.


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