Weekend Wrap-up (week 12 of 2012)

This was my first week as an IC (at least in the global address book) and I have to say that I don’t feel like much of what I’ve done so far has been what I think of as IC-related work. I guess the transition will be gradual.

My current main focus is on understanding the compatibility space for our product (which we haven’t traditionally focused on in a global way) and put together a structure for a compatibility test suite. I’m working with 3 other SDETs on this project and up until now I’ve kind of been the lead for this project. Our current working definition of compatibility is the ability of a version of our product to handle artifacts created with a different version of the product. Our compatibility story in the past has pretty much been that if you want to work with an artifact created with a different version of the product and find a problem you should work with the version of the product that produced the artifact.

We have had capabilities of upgrading artifacts (for example, you can upgrade a SQL Server 2008 R2-produced PowerPivot workbook to SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot-readable workbook but you won’t be able to work with the workbook in SQL Server 2008 R2 PowerPivot any more.) but we’d like to, in future versions of the product, do better than that. Getting a test automation suite in place to check compatibility behavior will be key to knowing the state of the product as we work on future versions.

Also, this week, I attended a day long training course that was an introduction to Testing in Production (TiP).


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