Monthly Archives: February 2012


For reasons that I won’t go into here, I was reviewing my employment history at Microsoft this past week. I’ve basically had three types of jobs since joining: developer support engineer, SDET, and SDET lead/manager. The thing that surprised me is that in my 17+ years at the company only a little over a year was spent as an SDET. I moved pretty quickly from SDET to SDET lead. As I now move back to an SDET IC role I’m realizing that I’ll have a lot of learning and, more, practicing to do to get to where I feel I need to be as a senior SDET. As a lead/manager, you do have some exposure to the field but it’s not like actually doing the work. I’m way down the 10,000 hour ladder as an SDET IC. Lots of work to do.



(Yet another new blog)

Starting now I’m moving my focus to this new blog. I’ve had a number of blogs in the past and they’re all filled with all manner of stuff. Random stuff. And neglect. There have been long periods of neglect. As you may have guessed, I’m not a very systematic person or creature of habit. But hope springs eternal.

I kind of wanted to make a fresh start now because I’m finally moving to a different job at work. For a large number of years, I have been a test lead/manager and now I’m moving back to an individual contributor SDET role. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for more than a year but it will now actually happen. It’s a chance to be a newbie again and I’d like to make sure that I somehow capture my thoughts as I make this transition and go beyond. And I’ll try to do it here.